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A Nerd Groundswell


Someday when I had absolutely nothing to do (well, really, I had a great deal to do, but I didn’t want to do any of it), I made a decision to play the Google video game. This is the one where you input your very own name or something else right into the area in quotes to see how many search results page you get. Due to the fact that my newest publication, Queen Geeks in Love, was coming out soon, I chose to browse the term “geek.” What I discovered surprised me.

I got more virtually 70 million hits from words “nerd.”.

That’s million.

So, I figured that most every term would fetch that many results, or near it. I started with what I would certainly presume is the antithesis of ‘nerd’: the “gossip girl’, which yielded 3,560,000. ‘Model” yielded 1,750.000. Prestige came the closest to geek, with 44,600,000, yet as you can clearly see, being glamorous is nothing contrasted to being geeky, statistically. Also the fashionable “fashionista” just reversed 5,590,000 results.

So what does this suggest? Is Google a valid measurement of popular culture? I suppose it’s not incredibly scientific, but it does seem to be in sign of the number of websites mention the word, which, incidentally, originated as a circus term for a person who bit the heads off real-time animals. Luckily, that certain aspect of geekdom appears to have actually gone out, unless you count Ozzy Osbourne in his previous magnificence days.

If you want to the true action of what’s around in the zeitgeist, inspect your neighborhood tv listings. This autumn, every new show seems to be superordinary (which is within the world of the nerd.) We have Moonlight, a vampire story. We have Journeyman, Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer, as well as Tool. The big deals– Shed as well as Heroes– sell DVD collections in droves. Geeks are no longer hiding in their cyberclosets.

As early as 2001, the term “geek posh” began to be utilized, as well as actually, a London garments firm ran a campaign making use of that really term to market its clothes. Fast forward to last year, when ABC premiered a program called Ugly Betty, with America Ferrera starring as an anti-fashion uber-geek. Well, assumption who was on the October 2007 cover of Beauty Publication? That’s right. The geeky lady. Of course, they glammed her up, however still, I could not aid however feel that a person from my group ultimately made it to the big leagues.

Gloria Baume, a follower of Ugly Betty and a fashion editor at Teen Style, told the New york city Times that Betty’s “geek-chic appearance can flow down.” In the New York Times post, she included, “I’m obsessed with the geek look now,” including that a number of developers seem in a similar way taken with all points dorky. “Paul Smith did it in London,” she claimed. “Lacoste did it right here in New York. Luella likewise did the geek look. In her very own kind of amusing, twisted method, Betty has her very own feeling of style. It’s kooky, but it’s entirely her.” (New York City Times, October 2006).

USA Today also kept in mind that “Understanding is power as well as geek is chic. If you’re a cyber whiz who is linked into the pop-culture globe of sci-fi, dream, comic books and also cult horror, maybe even the master of a Web temple committed to such once-arcane matters, you don’t simply rule. You rock.”.

Scholars are also on the geek bandwagon. One Danish scholar composed an argumentation on geek society and also mentioned it as “the third counterculture” after hippies and yuppies. “The geek society is altering the norm, changing conventional culture,” composes Lars Konzack in his thesis, entitled “Geek culture, the 3rd counterculture”” Not long ago nobody would certainly have recognized outside the geek culture what was indicated by player character, experience factors, level gain, as well as hit factors. Now it seems like everybody knows. The geek culture is changing traditional societies and also it’s just the start of a basic cultural change because instructions,” Lars Konzack, Aalborg College, Denmark.

In my own books, Queen Nerd Social Club as well as Queen Geeks in Love, the self-professed nerds of the title are women that unapologetically are themselves. They like science as well as sci-fi, but they also such as fashion and also men. They want to change the world, but they likewise intend to appreciate it. I such as to consider them as the geek I never ever remained in secondary school– positive, comfy, brilliant. They understand that they are, and although they fight with self-doubt and anxiety like all young adults, they use their intelligence and the support of their geek sis to survive all of it. In the long run, it’s a great message to send out to ladies (or individuals), and also it reminds me of something a person once wrote in the margin of my yearbook: “be the means you are as well as you’ll go far.” Go nerds.

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